A Year of Silence

Empty Theatre Seats

What I’ve Done, Without Theatre, For a Whole Year

I’ll be honest – not a lot.

This past year has been so difficult for everyone and we’ve all coped with it in different ways.

Largely, I have limited time on social media to protect my mental health. Like most of us, I’ve been going for long walks and trying to enjoy the extra time I suddenly have with my family. And I’ve been lucky this year because I happened to land in Dublin a couple of days before the very first Lockdown. This resulted in me spending about half of the year in Ireland with my family and my dog! Which I take as a serious win. I took up running…twice…I’ve spent a lot of time baking and I rediscovered my love of painting. (You can follow my art journey here if you like).

It’s OK To Not Be OK

So the reality for me is that’s about all I have to report. Due to the closure of theatres and social distancing rules most of us theatrefolk have nothing to show for the past 12 months of our professional lives. I know that in a great many ways we are lucky. However when your job is a part of your identity and it’s suddenly gone, it’s hard not to feel like a part of you hasn’t gone too.

Singing, Remotely, For Good

I did some Zoom concerts for the incredible Forget Me Nots Choir. First, I did a Musical Theatre Morning. Then I got to work with my Dad on a Christmas Carol Concert and in a few weeks I have a Rogers and Hammerstein Special coming up. It’s a huge honour to perform for this amazing group.

Similarly, I am delighted to be taking part in Glasgow Philaharmonia’s Movies to Musicals. This means I’ll be virtually duetting with a brilliant young performer as part of an online concert where we will raise money for two charities.

Health and Safety first: Living Room Zoom Concerts for those who need music most.

New Old Music

Finally, I recorded one of my favourite arias for a large TV Charity event which never aired in the end. But I spent hours and hours on it so I’m going to share it with you anyway! Enjoy.

So now we are up to date!

And I for one look forward to the future, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. And I can’t wait to get back into a theatre in the Summer.

See you there!